Over the years, I have written many teacher manuals and crafted teaching materials that support educators and their families. These unpublished resources sit on my shelf and they seem lonely. Perhaps you would like to take a look at them. They just might support your work with children. And who can’t use a little help in planning what to do on Monday.


Salmon Rhymes-Matching Game

Salmon Story Lesson Sequence for the young learner

Singing Home our Salmon: Activities and Songs for the very Young

Hul’q’umi’num is Fun

Hul’q’uimi’num is Fun at Uy’sqwalawun

Home Literacy Checklist

Activity Template for In and out


Home Literacy Checklist

Early Language/Literacy Facilitator (ELFF) Training Session Two





Singing the Salmon Home Activity for the Young

Activity Template for Action Words

Activity Template for Letter Recognition

Beginning to Read Starts at the Beginning

Moe the Mouse Early Literacy/Language facilitator's Planning Template

Weaving the Literacy Blanket Presentation for Early childhood Conference

Weaving the Literacy Blanket Pamphlet for Sharing

An Example of a Learning Story and notes about this Assessment For Learning  Strategy

Continuum for Concept 4 Years

Books that speak to the very young and ways to enjoy books talks and play

Weaving the Literacy Blanket Continuum Year Five

Books that appeal to five year olds and ways to enjoy book time, and talking together time

Weaving the Literacy Blanket Continuum Year Three

What three year old children like to read about, and ways to enjoy book time, play and  and talking together time.

Weaving the Literacy Blanket The First Two Years

Weaving the Literacy Blanket Continuum Years Four and Five

Introducing Inquiry Based Learning from the Experience of an Educator

Curriculum for Managing Marine Resources on Traditional Lands

The Integrated Inquiry Based Learning Unit of Study; Gathering the Resources

The Integrated Inquiry-Base Unit-Getting Started- Planning and Putting it into Practice

Integrated Inquiry-Based Unit lesson Planning Template

Integrated Inquiry-Based Template: Planning with an End in Mind

Inquiry-based Lesson Plan for the One Well One Earth Integrated Unit

Inquiry-Based Lesson Plan for One Well One Earth Integrated Unit Tides





Teaching strategies and Graphic Organizers that Support the Learning Before, During and After the Read

The Vancouver Island Marmot  Lesson Sequence using It Takes a community to Save the Vancouver Island Marmot article

Canada Theme     Focus on Canadian Children's Literature ( Primary )

Fractured Fairy Tale Cinderella Primary Thematic Unit

A Tool Box to Engage All Learners and Improve Student Achievement

A Template for Students to create their own worksheet to show what they know about their reading